5,000+ Sample Replay Productions, 1996-2024

SCORCCIO - Music Re-recordings, Remakes of Vocals and Samples + Publishing Clearances - 
for House, EDM, Hip Hop /// Record Labels /// Film, TV /// Producers, Artists, Remixers & DJ’s

2011 – 2015

2018 – 2020

2022 pt.1

2022 pt.2


2024 pt.1

Sample Replay Video Showreels: 2011-2024
#1 U.S. Billboard September 2022
Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"
feat. SCORCCiO Replay
Rick James - "Super Freak"
4 x #1's on BEATPORT
Fatboy Slim – “Praise You”
Roberto Surace – “Joys”
Matt Sassari – “Put A Record On”
Martin Ikin – “Hooked”

SCORCCiO Sample Replays: original samples matched and remade; vocals, instruments, full tracks - over 5,000 authentic recreations since 1996, now with a Publishing Clearance Service - for the complete release package!

Listen to our Showreel and compare the originals vs SCORCCiO replays...

Mark Summers is the CEO and Chief Sample Replay Producer at SCORCCiO, highly regarded as the world’s leading authority on sample recreation by the entire music industry. He is also a guest lecturer and masterclass presenter on sample remake production, sound engineering, DJ culture, sampling and the dance music industry to BA and MA students at universities throughout the UK, plus guest speaker at the New Music Seminar in New York.


Combined with our replay service

We offer the one-stop solution for ALL your sample replay and publishing clearance needs. SCORCCiO can replay your sample PLUS take on the task of publishing clearance with ease,  via our special in-house Publishing Clearance Service. Our strong contacts with the world’s biggest publishers provide you with the advantage of getting fast clearances.

some of OUR Record label CLIENTS;

The Sample Replay Process

We receive your sample by email or download link. You can send us the isolated sample or your new track featuring the sample....

Submit mp3

The team at SCORCCiO will constantly analyze the sample reference, listening for every musical nuance, studying every beat & bar for our sample replay evaluation...

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The replay cost is decided upon many factors; Length of the sample, how many instruments or vocalists needed...

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During this stage, we carefully select the right vocalists, the best musicians, the precise instruments and sonics required to match the original....

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The replay is then sent to you via email with a download link to the 24 bit WAV AUDIO Master and separate Stems....

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REWORKS, RECOMPOSItions & Soundalikes

With our direct access to Oxford University Professors of Musicology, your track will have a legal seal of approval.

SCORCCiO can offer a unique replay production: Recreate the same sounds as heard on the original sample, remade with the same instruments – but musically transformed into a brand NEW original recording… with NO need for any publishing clearance!


The World’s #1 for Sample REPLACEMENTS!

The service we provide enables producers to completely circumvent the problem of mechanical copyright clearance.

We recreate samples and replay music like nobody else can. The FIRST: Since 1996. The BEST: top level skilled vocalists, musicians, sound designers and production crew. That’s why we have always been the Music Industry’s NUMBER 1 choice for sample replays!