SCORCCiO - The Sample Replay Process


Option 1: Send your original sample(s) to us via email as an MP3, WAV or AIF (maximum size 16 MB). You can send just sampled clips or the full length original that you have sampled from. 

Option 2:  Stems of the sampled parts in your new track, full length original or sampled clips over 16 MB: please send 320kbps MP3 / 16, 24 or 32 bit WAV or AIF files via a hosting service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer . The source files should be in a high quality format for our reference.  Stereo is always preferred over Mono! 

Option 3: You can also send us a URL link to your new track or sample stems on Soundcloud, or the original track on YouTube, but please include any relative time-stamp info such as “sampled parts from 00:12 to 00:43 and from 01:18 to 01:53” (for example) for the YouTube reference.


The team at SCORCCiO will constantly analyze the sample, listening for every musical nuance and look at every transient within the waveform. We can then decide which musicians and/or vocalists are required for the replay. 

For example, if the replay requires a James Brown style brass section or even the Salsoul Orchestra, we have them ready here. How about some Led Zeppelin guitars or drums? Absolutely. Need a genuine Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson or a Prince sound-alike? No problem. Whatever you have sampled and need to get replayed or re-sung, we can cover it accurately. 

We evaluate how much work is required for the replay production, and also calculate how long it would take to complete and deliver. This is then factored into the next step…


The replay cost is decided upon many factors; Length of the sample, how many instruments, vocalists or musicians would be involved, time needed to create unusual sounds and time required to EQ, Mix and Master including our very own highly specialized Sound-print Matching Process™.

Some replays have been created at a very low cost and within 5 days of receiving the original sample. Others have taken 16 or more days with extensive work needed, and therefore with the extra time have cost more. The price all depends entirely on the individual sample to be replayed and what the actual requirements are.

If you are happy with the price quote, payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal to secure the replay project. We will email an invoice with our bank details plus an agreement which confirms you will own the Master Recording rights to the replay.


During this stage, we carefully select the right vocalists, the best musicians, the precise instrument sounds and the very best studios for the music to be replayed.

Authenticity is always paramount to our work  we strive to obtain the best result. It may take hours of recording before we are satisfied that a certain key element of the replay sounds right. Whatever it takes, the end result will sound better for it.

Throughout the process, your sample is analysed extensively by our Chief Music Producer Mark Summers along with our team of professional sound engineers. You can be assured that we constantly check the replay with the original version  with A/B tests comparing the two recordings continuously, for many hours.


The replay is then sent to you via email with a download link to the 24 bit Master Recording AIF or WAV files. All files are stored on our secure private FTP server.

For further mixing if required, all the separate parts of the replay can also be downloaded easily from our server.

That sample can now be used without the huge payment the original label or artist wanted, and without any expensive long-term mechanical royalty payments.

You now have all the separate parts to remix, time-stretch, re-arrange, re-EQ, etc. etc. something that would have been impossible to do with the original sample….

And then go on to have a massive worldwide HIT!