Frequently Asked Questions

On my sample there's both music and vocals. Can you replay just the vocals?

Absolutely, we've produced acapellas many times. Whatever vocals are needed (or not) from the original, we can remake them. With our vast database of vocalists we’ll find the right voice that you need.

How can I be sure the SCORCCiO replay will sound like the original sample?

We have 25 years experience of producing 5,000+ sample replays, the best analytical process combined with top professional level engineering skills, pro studios, access to the finest vocalists and musicians in the world, plus the producer Mark Summers - widely regarded as the highest authority in sample replaying by the entire global music industry. You can rest assured that we will make any changes, if needed, to your satisfaction.

The sample I used was originally 107 BPM, but in my new track it’s now 126 BPM - so what tempo would you replay it?

The golden rule is to emulate the original as closely as possible, so if it was first recorded at 107 BPM, then it should be replayed at that exact same tempo. Using some of the best time-stretching algorithms available in the world, we can achieve an end result that will sound perfectly natural, totally in synch and sounding like it was all recorded at 126 BPM. But we can also replay the sample at your specific tempo, if necessary.

The sample I want to use has a lead guitar part that I don’t like. Can you replay the sample without that guitar?

Sure, we can easily do that. However you just need to be aware that the replay may sound significantly different without that guitar, especially if it was high up in the mix on the original version.

Can SCORCCiO make Karaoke backing tracks for my cover song on YouTube, etc.?

We are very different to karaoke companies because we make precise emulations of original recordings. We never produce any of our replays based upon publicly available MIDI files. So yes, we can do this for you, however our production work is far more detailed and matched to the original than online Karaoke services.

Can I get all the separate stem parts, to remix the replay if I wanted to?

Yes. Having stem parts also serves to prove that the original sample was actually replayed. Furthermore, we can also provide a testimonial statement to confirm in writing that SCORCCiO produced the replay for you.

About copyright law and using sample replays: If you recreate something that sounds exactly like the original version, is that legal?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. The keyword is COPYRIGHT. In any music, there is;
1.) Copyright in the Sound Recording (the audio medium or "Master"), and
2.) Copyright in the Composition (the written lyrics/music of the song or "Publishing").
With sample replays, the Master copyright is NOT infringed upon, because the recording has been assimilated or covered. In global music law, a sample replay is classified as a cover version. Despite the fact that it may sound like a virtual clone of an original work as long as it’s a brand new recording, then a cover version is exactly what a sample replay is. But what about the Composition? Click the orange button below...

Do I have to pay royalties to the publisher? How does it work?

We now offer the unique service of Publishing Clearance for any song that you have sampled/replayed. SCORCCiO will approach the publishing company with all the required information and obtain their full approval for your usage. Nearly all music publishers are very happy to see their repertoire covered, as that is exactly how they make a profit for themselves and their respective composers. The percentage of publishing royalties the original composers/publishers will want usually depends upon how much of their original work has been used in the new work (your new track). In most cases, you will never have to pay any money upfront to the publisher. Royalties are paid to composers/publishers based upon Radio/TV/Club/Bar/In-Store plays. If you have a hit track with a replay featured, the publisher can only obtain their percentage of royalties paid from official collection societies - they don't take any money directly from you.

OK, I’m ready to get a sample replay from SCORCCiO....
But how much will it cost me? How long will it take to produce/deliver?

We can’t guess without hearing your audio! Every sample can be different, so please send us an MP3 by email or provide a download link to your samples. Your new track, samples and information will be kept in absolute confidence. SCORCCiO will evaluate the cost/delivery of the replay based on many factors, including:
1.) Duration - time length of the sample.
2.) Vocals - complexity, performance style, number of singers, a specific "soundalike" voice.
3.) Multiple acoustic instruments - large string or brass sections, guitars, etc.
4.) Unusual sounds - special effects, sound design, rare ethnic instruments.
5.) Expedited or Standard Delivery - the replay production delivery time required. Faster = more expensive.