• Sample Replay service by Scorccio, accurate remakes of music and vocals for DJ's, artists and producers, used as replacements for samples featured in their productions.
  • Precisely replayed sections of samples, original songs or whole tracks for artists and producers, our sample replays are mainly created to avoid any legal copyright or clearance problems. Scorccio's replayed samples can also be made to 'fit
  • SCORCCiO has the experience, the talent and the technical ability to re-record any type of vocal, instrument or audio recording - to sound just like the original version. Sample Replays made by the best producers to remake beats and songs. Our replays are featured on many top selling hits around the world. Used by the best EDM, Hip Hop, House music Producers and DJ's, independent and major record companies since 1996.Remakes of over 800 samples have been used by producers, DJ's and media companies world-wide since 1996. Free MP3, WAV or AIF price quote! 18 years experience: With pro recording studios in New York, London and Barcelona we recreate authentic sounding beats and samples to avoid expensive sample clearance.
  • Sample replays for The Prodigy
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Studios: New York - London - Barcelona

Sample Replay, Music and Vocal Remake service by SCORCCiO, the world's top professional sample recreation service.

Over 900 recreated samples produced to date, used by #1 producers, DJ's and media companies world-wide since 1996.

Free MP3, WAV or AIF sample replay evaluation, analysis and price quote!

18 years of experience: with professional recording studios based in New York, London and Barcelona.

The best producers to remake beats, music, songs and vocals. Closely matched productions to sound just like the original versions.

We create authentic sounding remade samples to help you avoid expensive sample clearance.