SCORCCiO  The World’s # 1 for Professional Sample Replays

Since 1996, we have replayed 1,000+ samples for virtually all the best dance music labels, producers and DJ’s on the planet.
Our clients include; The Prodigy, Sam Smith, Pitbull, Bob Sinclar, Fatboy Slim, Defected, Spinnin’, Sony, Universal, BMG…


Studios in New York, London and Barcelona provide an international network of vocalists and musicians. Featuring a top level of sound engineering and unique production methods, we have the skills, technology and experience to deliver highly accurate  recreated samples.

We remake any style of music and produce sound-alike vocals to match any original recording as closely as possible.


Mark Summers is the CEO and Chief Sample Replay Producer at SCORCCiO. Highly regarded as the world’s leading authority on  sample recreation by the entire music industry, he is also a guest lecturer and masterclass presenter on sample replay production, sound engineering, DJ culture, sampling and the dance music industry to BA and MA students at universities throughout the UK

PUBLISHING CLEARANCE  Combined with our replay service

We offer the one-stop solution to ALL your sample replay and publishing clearance needs, with the best combined cost
SCORCCiO can replay your sample PLUS take on the task of publishing clearance with ease,  via our special in-house service.



SAMPLE REPLAYS  Interpolations & Soundalikes 

With our direct access to Oxford University Professors of Musicology, your track will have a legal seal of approval.

SCORCCiO can offer a unique replay production  providing the same sound and vibe as heard on the original sample, made with the same instruments  but musically transformed into a brand NEW original recording.


SCORCCiO The World’s #1 Service for Sample Recreations

The service  we provide enables producers and media co’s to completely circumvent the problem of mechanical copyright clearance.
As a SCORCCiO client, you will be the Master Recording owner; no matter if the replayed sample is 5 seconds or 15 minutes long.

We recreate samples and replay music like nobody else can. That’s why we are the Music Industry’s NUMBER 1 choice!