The world's #1 Sample Replay company also offers you this all-important service.

The service offered by SCORCCiO is not only limited to Sample Replays, we can also assist you with obtaining publishing clearances; the first requirement for any tracks to be released with samples, replays or as complete cover versions.

Over the years we've handled all sorts of tricky and almost impossible publishing clearances. We've dealt with Sony/ATV, BMG-Chrysalis, Warner Chappell and Universal Music on numerous occasions, resulting in strong relationships with publishing executives at all the top companies. This is a very important aspect to what we can offer - having personal connections in the publishing companies is vital to the game plan when it comes to obtaining clearances, and especially favourable to our clients when it comes to negotiating any royalty splits for them. Even if your sampled track isn't well known or it was released in limited numbers via an independent record label, as long as there's artist and title details we'll be able to track the publisher and writers down.

So how does it work and how much will it cost?

Just like the samples we get to replay, every case can be different.

Some songs may have 3, 4 (or more) different publishers involved, as opposed to the usual 1 or 2. In any case we will always deal with each clearance request in two separate stages;

Stage 1 : Applying for clearances with a single publisher = 295 € (EUR) in advance, with a 25% fee added for every other publisher that has to be contacted in order to obtain their clearance approval as well.

Stage 2 : A second time payment of 195 € becomes due ONLY if the clearance is successful. If clearance is refused for any reason, then you would only have to forfeit the first payment, which is withheld for our administration fees.

The publishing clearance service works in full tandem for you at SCORCCiO. Whilst we're replaying your sample, our specialist department will be working hard and fast on the publishing clearance, which will result in a contract for you to sign. You'll then be able to release and exploit your new production without any fear of copyright infringement whatsoever, all thanks to the double action of both a Sample Replay AND publishing clearance. Note that you don't have to order a Sample Replay with us in order to use our service, we would be happy to offer you our publishing clearance facility completely separately from any replays or covers being produced.

Contact us now for all your requirements about publishing clearance!